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Student Candidacy

Candidcacy Honors Program

Membership on the UIC John Marshall Law Review is the highest academic honor at UIC John Marshall Law School and provides excellent training for the practice of law. Law Review publishes scholarly works on a broad range of current legal topics written by legal scholars, practitioners, and Law Review members. A student editorial board manages and edits the journal, and staff members assist the editorial board in preparing articles for publication.

Important Deadlines

For Candidates looking for specific dates relating to the comment writing process, click here.

Candidate Qualifications

There are two ways to receive an invitation to join Law Review: “grade on” or “write on.”

  • Grade-On Qualifications: Students in the top 15% of their class who have completed between 26 and 41 credit hours are automatically eligible to join Law Review.
  • Write-On Qualifications: Students in the top 33% of their class who successfully complete the write-on program.

Students invited to join are required to prepare one student comment of publishable quality in order to be appointed to Law Review staff. Anyone with questions regarding membership in Law Review should contact the Candidacy Editor at jmls.lr.candidacy@gmail.com.

Membership presupposes a student’s commitment to legal research, writing, and publishing. Full membership and academic credit will be awarded to candidates who, among other things, successfully complete their student comment.

Law Review invites students to visit its office and learn more about the organization. Transfer students interested in the Law Review‘s policy on transfer students should contact the Candidacy Editor at the above email address two months prior to entering UIC John Marshall Law School.

Law Review is proud to have the following faculty advisors:

For more information regarding the rules and responsibilities governing your UICJMLR candidacy, take a closer look at our JMLR Bylaws.