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The UIC John Marshall Law Review welcomes scholarly articles for publication. Please follow the format and submission requirements set out below for consideration of publication.


All manuscripts must be: (1) typed; (2) must not exceed 150 pages total; and (3) must include endnotes or footnotes appended to the main body.

Electronic Submissions: Submissions submitted via email must be in Microsoft Word format. Manuscripts submitted in Word Perfect format will not be accepted. Please address all electronic submissions to the Executive Lead Articles Editor at JMLRarticles@gmail.com.

Mailed Submissions:

Please submit all hard copy manuscripts including a CD or flash drive containing the manuscript file to:

University of Illinois at Chicago John Marshall Law Review
Attn: Executive Lead Articles Editor
300 S. State St.
Chicago, Illinois 60604

Additional Information:

Please enclose a curriculum vitae (CV), as well as an abstract of the article for our Institutional Repository along with your article submission


All citations must conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20 ed., 2016).


The copyright of any published lead article will remain with the author.  The author will grant to UIC John Marshall Law Review a royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide license to publish, reproduce, sell, and distribute the article in the Journal and in any and all other media.